Telephone Support


What is Telephone Recovery Support?

Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) is an innovative peer-to-peer support service offered through CARES. Weekly telephone calls are made by trained CARES volunteers to people in recovery to “check in” and see how they’re doing. Recoverees are given support and encouragement as well as information about community resources, 12-step meetings or other supports that may help them maintain their recovery.
The beauty of TRS is in its simplicity — it helps people stay in recovery. Sometimes just a phone call can make someone feel wanted, cared about and included. Most volunteers are in recovery themselves and understand how heavy the telephone can be at times! By volunteering to make calls, CARES volunteers experience the satisfaction of giving back and of making a difference.

How does Telephone Recovery Support work?

A person new in recovery signs up and receives a weekly support call from a trained volunteer. The call simply checks in with the person to see how their recovery is going. That’s it! On average, people receive calls for 15 weeks however calls can continue longer. Imagine the spiritual ripple effect from these conversations to our community about the hope and healing of recovery. The positive impact is limitless! Our calls can also help people in recovery if a relapse occurs. When someone tells us they have relapsed, we don’t kick them out of the program; we keep calling them, checking in with them, seeing if they want help. CARES believes when someone is down, that is when he or she needs the most support. CARES is often the only encouraging voice heard at a critical junction on the road of their recovery.



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