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How can we help with your recovery today? What is CARES? More »

Volunteers Always Needed and Welcomed!

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Recovery Support

CARES provides a variety of peer to peer recovery support services focusing on the needs of people in recovery, family members, friends and allies. More »

How can we help with your recovery today? What is CARES?

The Center for Addiction Recovery Education & Success (CARES) is a peer to peer, volunteer based recovery oriented sanctuary located in Rockaway, NJ. More »


September 1st 2018 – Police Support Recovery Walk

Recovery Coach Academy

Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Monday, July 11th through Friday, July 15th from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm (7 days total. 2 full days and 5 nights)

Early registration fee: $345 per person
Regular registration fee: $445 per person

Recovery Coach Academy is an intensive training academy focusing on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Provided in a retreat like environment, Recovery Coach Academy prepares participants by helping them to actively listen, ask really good questions and discover and manage their own stuff.
A Recovery Coach is anyone interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery.

For more information or to register, please call (908) 835-1800 or email [email protected] or visit

CARES - Warren County

CARES – Warren County

How does Telephone Recovery Support work?

A person new in recovery signs up and receives a weekly support call from a trained volunteer. The call simply checks in with the person to see how their recovery is going. That’s it! Learn More

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